potteria prices

About our prices

Our pricing is very simple

Workplace-Rent: 15€ per hour and person.

It is then simply billed to the minute.

No what you are doing – hand-building at the table, using a pottery-wheel or painting.


In 15€/hour is always included:

PAinting Ceramics

If you want to paint ceramic pieces, the work-space rent also costs 15 € per hour/person and includes colors and transparent glaze.

The items costs between 4 € and 40 € and we add them to the work-space rent. Firing and transparent glazing is already included.

Firing Service

One kilo of biscuit firing costs 8 € and one kilo of glaze firing (1040°C) costs 8 €.


So a total of 16 € per kilo of finished goods.


In the case of very small items (pearls, pendants, etc.), the additional effort will be charged extra – but fairly.

Glazing Service

If you don’t want to or can’t glaze yourself, we’ll be happy to do it for you and charge 3 to 5 € per piece, depending on the size.


We would be happy to show you our selection of dipping glazes.

You are welcome to pay in cash or by card.